20 February 2012

Automate Entity Framework 4.x mocking using T4 templates - part 1

  Every time I read about a new Entity Framework (EF) release I am hoping to find better support for mocking the physical database. I would like an in memory data provider for Entity Framework - thank you very much. It should enable seamless unit testing with a lot of benefits: fast tests, zero environment configuration, no database setup and tear down, happy less grumpy developers. Until this happens the story of building a testable software product with EF will involve some degree of pain.  

12 February 2012

Hello world

I recently achieved a professional milestone: a round number of years working as a (.NET) software developer. The number does not mean a lot in itself apart from the fact that it made me think a bit more about my past and current experience.
This in turn helped me realise a couple of things:
I still want to find answers to some of the questions I accumulated so far.
I learned so much from the software community and it is great to be part of this unprecedented sharing of software knowledge.
And as a conclusion to my retrospective I want to try and give something back to the community.
I hope that starting this blog will help me accomplish that.